Excellence is a consistent, premium service at every pass set by a service oriented tone that drives your company strategy at every level. Connecting to your customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship with your brand. You must go beyond simply delivering your product, and develop strong bonds with your customers. It is essential that you provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating your customers’ needs and expectations and exceeding them, every time. 

Service excellence is an attitude engrained in every department and it begins and ends with your people, from cashier to CEO. It requires more than a streamlined customer service department or a slogan on the lunch room wall. The following list are top tips that wil help you to focus on the most important elements of customer service excellence:

  1. a. Understand that Customer Satisfaction is based on loyalty, identity, values, and relationships
  2. b. Always Focus on Service before anything else
  3. c. Give the Best experience possible
  4. d. Always improve on your service
  5. e. Always respect your customer (time and opinion)
  6. f. Measure their satisfaction and engagement
  7. g. Educate, encourage and use incentives on employees to deliver service
  8. h. Differentiate your Brand from competition
  9. i. Know your customer base (segmentation)
  10. j. Integrate your operations processes into your customer marketing strategies
  11. k.Special Interactions keep customers coming back
  12. l. Solve problems quickly and turn complainers into advocates
  13. m. Listen to your customers; Change their attitudes, and fix their problems
  14. n. Measure your relationships, and refine your processes, and proactively solve and prevent the same mistakes from happening again. (Continuous improvement)
  15. o. Improve your supplier relationships, and hold them to the same standard as your customers do
  16. p. Exceed expectations and treat customers as if you would treat a guest in your own home.