NEW DELHI, India has the potential to be a global hub for air cargo but it would need to improve upon its infrastructure and cost efficiency for it to make a mark in international market, experts have said."Considering its geographical location, India, especially Delhi, has the potential to become a gobal hub for air cargo," Singapore Airlines Cargo Pte Ltd president Hwang Teng Aun said while addressing the 'India Cargo Summit' organised by industry chamber CII.Not only its geographical location but also the amount of international trade that the country is engaged in now makes India a good location for such a hub, he said."Even a place like Dubai, where there is not much of manufacturing or exports, is a succesful destination," Aun said, adding that there was no reason why India with all its growth in manufacturing sector and exports and imports could not become another global hub.Echoing similar sentiments, Mckinsey & Co Associate partner Kaushik Das said, "India for most part of the last decade has been building infrastructure and the country has started making big strides."The experts, however, feel a lot more needed to be done for India to become a truly international hub for air cargo.Issues such as cost of air turbine fuel (ATF) and infrastructure needed to be addressed.