Actually Indian export and import systems were governed by India’s export import policy and foreign trade act. Exports and imports for most of the goods are free of cost, except items regulated by the EXIM policy. It is important to get the license for the logistics for all the shipping lines. The customs will never allow you to clear the goods until you get regional authority. 
Goods which are specified in these categories can import freely without any kind of restrictions, if your importer has valid IEC. Most of the items can be imported freely in India. is the largest online platform for logistics service provider and importers and exporters. You can get the rules, conditions and quotation at free of cost through this provider. 
The Indian import trade policy is classified into 3 categories such as 
Canalized goods
These are the items which can be imported by using specific methods or procedures of transport.  A goods present in the category has to import through canalizing agency only. It includes bulk agricultural products, petroleum products and pharmaceutical products. 
Restricted goods
This can be imported after getting proper license from the regional licensing authority. This type of import licenses is valid for 18 months for other goods and 24 months for the capital goods. 
Prohibited goods
These goods are goods which are prohibited on import channels all over India. It includes tallow fat, animal rennet, oils of animal origin, wild animals as well as unprocessed ivory. 
Just like the imports, most of the goods can be freely exported and listed below the classification of export goods:
Prohibited goods:
This type of goods cannot be exported at any cost. It includes animal articles and wild animals which may cause risky infection.
Restricted goods:
Before exporting, the exporter has to obtain the license to export this restricted goods. You have to follow some of the conditions and procedures which are available in the license if you export this restricted goods. 
State trading enterprise:
Some of the certain goods have to export through these designated STEs. The export of these goods is subjected to conditions in the EXIM policy. 
Plant products and plants such as fruits and seeds are prohibited without any prior permission. offers solution for all types of shipments needs and requirements. You can get the latest technologies and trend updates through this service provider without any hidden charges by subscribing the news section.