This year, Hapag-Lloyd will indeed make ventures to keep up and expand its container fleet. The liner shipping company has requested an aggregate of 7,700 refrigerated containers (Reefers) of the most recent era – including 7,000 x 40-foot and 700 x 20-foot units. Moreover, 1,000 of the new containers are furnished with "Controlled Air" innovation, which backs off the maturing procedure of different sorts of fruits and vegetables, in this manner enabling them to be transported for longer timeframes while keeping up a predictable quality. Production will as of now start in September.

Interestingly, 1,000 of the new 40-foot containers will be fabricated in a plant in San Antonio, Chile, a locale in which they are popular. Accordingly, it will be conceivable to decrease the essential moving of exhaust containers from elective creation destinations, which spares both time and cash regarding unfilled transports.

"After the merger with UASC this past May, Hapag-Lloyd has by and by altogether developed in the reefer advertises," says Anthony J. Firmin, Head Working Officer (COO) at Hapag-Lloyd. "With these new requests, we are further growing this position and putting resources into a proficient and current armada and also in the extension of our latest item, 'Extra Fresh Plus,' so as to address the issues of our clients around the world."

Cooperating with providers, Hapag-Lloyd has refined its "Controlled Atmosphere" innovation. Its "Extra Fresh Plus" innovation permits even to a great degree touchy organic products, for example, blueberries and lychees, to be transported to the coveted level of value and level of readiness.