The Fundamentals Of Air Freight Shipping 


Departments that use air cargo

Today, air cargo is being used for a number of different reasons. It is mainly used by the army and the defense department to transport artillery and fighter jets. However, it is also used by commercial firms like ecommerce websites and the like.

Initial process – Warehouses

Usually, the inventory to be transported is picked up from different storage & warehouse Singapore companies. This is especially true in the cases where the goods are still midway through their journeys (that is usually likely to happen if a worldwide order is being moved). At the warehouse, a number of things are done to make sure that the cargo remains safe. For example, packages are inspected and changed and are properly labeled before they are brought to the airports. Also, inventory control procedures are performed too. Nevertheless, storage & warehouse Singapore companies are the place where the whole shipping process usually initiates.

Air flights used

Cargo is usually transported through three main types of air flights. First and foremost, passenger flights are a common way of transporting the smaller items. It is usually combined with other packages and baggage in the section allocated for that purpose. Special boxes with labels are given to the items to distinguish them from the other goods. The boxes are then placed in special containers.
Special cargo plans are built specifically for the cargo transport services. Many air cargo agents Singapore use different types of cargo aircrafts. The Boeing 747 is considered to be a strong cargo plane. The nose of the plane can be opened up to place heavy and large items, machinery and equipment inside. Again, special containers are used for the smaller items. Electric rollers are used to place the goods inside the plane.
Super transporters are manufactured to move the heaviest of all heavy stuff. Other planes, helicopters and other such mean machines are transported using these planes. About forty-seven tons of cargo can be moved with the help of this plane. The door can open wide enough to allow huge things to be placed inside easily.

Transporting perishable items

Getting edible items to their destinations is extremely important to save all parties from wastage and inefficiency. Air cargo agents Singapore take special steps to ensure their movement. Cooling equipment is used and the fastest routes and flights are booked as soon as they become available. Quality control is performed throughout the journey at many different points. A lot of special flights have also started specifically to move perishable items.