i am sharing here some points to select the best air freight forwarder.

1.       Look for a standards broad portfolio – choose the partner who provides multiple transportation modes globally. It will increase speed and security and also will reduces cargo hands-off between networks.
2.       Choose forwarder broker approach in one – this approach provides complete visible transportation and brokerage milestones and streamlined movement of your freight.
3.       Select Knowledgeable, Quick Responsive forwarder – in some circumstances like unplanned or last minute airfreight shipments triggered by natural disasters, surge in demand etc...  In these instances, air freight forwarder with knowledgeable sales team and intelligence will be very responsive with quick solutions.
4.       Combine differed and express transportation services – This service offers options to meet your needs.
5.       Make sure the forwarder provides customized transportation – the best forwarder offers innovative technology solutions with flexible and customised transportation for meeting your requirements and freight Tracking.
6.       Choose technology updated Forwarder – Forwarder who uses technology to streamline billing, invoices and shipment processing will save your time and bill of accuracy.
7.       Choose Forwarder who provides total shipment visibility - a forwarder must be able to provide timely and accurate information on your shipments—around the clock.
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