In Today’s complex Supply chain and compliance Requirements, Manufacturers have to consider lots of key points while packaging product.
There are few tips here to make your way easy for making your packaging process easier and faster.
Tips are as,
1.       Review relevant regulation
2.       Ask for your requirements
3.       Transportation Mode
4.       Review products Physical Attributes
5.       Know if the product is subject to inspection
6.       Choose Cargo Type
7.       Build in Visibility
8.       Consider Reusable design
9.       Be conscious of EPR initiatives
10.   Use eco friendly Material

All above Key points are summarise here

1.       Review relevant regulation: - Review International standards for phytosanitary measures. Non compliance can result in product return, shipping delays or extra cost for repackaging or inspections.
2.       Ask for your requirements: - Ask for Customer handling, receiving and package inspection requirements to shipping departments they all are aware of this labelling process.
3.       Transportation Mode: - Each transport has different rules and regulation for shipments, choose right transportation mode and then go through their process one by one.
4.       Review products Physical Attributes: - Check Product’s Physical attributes and decide cargo type, size, temperature, compression, surface etc. To avoid product damage during transportation.
5.       Know if the product is subject to inspection: - check that your product meets all the criteria of quality standards for delivery.
6.       Choose Cargo Type: - Choose cargo type from your freight type, size and quantity. If freight is not much in quantity than choose LTL if it is much than FTL etc.
7.       Build in Visibility: - Use barcodes, GPS technology, Identification tags on your product’s Packaging.
8.       Consider Reusable design: - it will cut your all over cost. Reverse logistics programs and committed supply chain are partners are pre-requisites to initiate for use of reusable packaging program.
9.       Be conscious of EPR initiatives: - EPR Stands extended producer responsibilities. EPR reforms, which several governments have instituted, make manufacturers responsible for a product’s life cycle. Some companies are allowed return policy if goods are not met consumer’s requirements.
10.   Use eco friendly Material: - use eco friendly packaging material for product packaging which can be recycled easily like card board.
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