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Sole Agents for the Exclusive Rangeof Gift Items from3-Dimensional Trophies/Objects/Monuments, Structures, etc.Gifts-Executive Desk Diaries,Portfolios, Folders,Leather Wallets, Pens, Wrist Watches,Desktop Stationery Items.Clocks, Radios, Torch Lights.Sports Bags, Caps, Umbrellas, Sunshades.Toys, Games, Sporting Goods.Household Related Give-away Items.Premiums and On-Pack Promotional Items.We Provide Creative "Ideas" for yourMass Promotional CampaignsBased On your Target Market and Preferences.We also Provide our Distinguished-"AnnualContract Service" for all your Below-The-Line Gift & Promotional Items-A Direct Sourcing and Procuring Servicefrom both the International and LocalSuppliers-Selection of which at yourDiscretion.


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