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Steel Engineering Development Co LLC

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Developing & ProvidingCustom-manufactured Lift& Escalator Stainless Steel Finishes.Core Business (Elevator Finishes):Doors/Cladding, Architraves, Transoms,Cabins, Vision Lifts, Panoramic Lifts, Hall Fixtures,Car Operating Panels, Ceilings, Escalator Cladding,Trav-o-lator Cladding, Lift Lobbies, Glass Vision Doors &Control Panels/Engraved Facia's.Specialist Business:Garbage Chute Doors, S/Steel Furniture Cladding,Ceiling and Soffit Fabrication, Cladding of Eliptical andRound Columns, Doors Cladding and Jambs, Splash Backs,Worktops, Wall & Lobby Cladding, Counter Tops, Claddingto Glazing Frames, Condensers for Ship Boilers,Control Cabinets & Display Systems.


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