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AROST Closed Joint-Stock Company

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Industrial refrigerating equipment: delivery, design, mounting, serviceREFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT: INDUSTRIAL (IMPORTERS)REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT INSTALLATIONREFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT REPAIR AND SERVICEConsulting: Cooling Systems for Manufacturing IndustryCommissioning Services: Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentInstallation Services: Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentRepair Services: Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentServicing: Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentServicing: Refrigeration EquipmentUpgrading Services: Industrial Refrigeration SystemsImplementation of Remote Control and Monitoring Systems for Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentCalculation and Selection of Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentAutomation and Electronic Devices for Refrigeration Equipment (trade) Capacitors/Condensers: Refrigeration, Industrial (trade) (import)Chillers (trade) (import)Chillers: Air-Cooled (trade)Chillers: Water-Cooled (trade)Compressors: Refrigeration (trade) (import)Control Cabinets for Refrigeration Systems (trade) (import)Cooling Systems (trade) (import)Cooling Towers (trade) (import)Evaporators: Industrial (trade) (import)Freon (trade) (import)Ice Accumulators (trade) (import)Oils: Compressor (trade) (import)Pumping Stations (trade)Pumps: Water (trade) (import) Quick-FreezingEquipment (trade) (import)Refrigeration Equipment: Industrial (trade)Refrigeration Equipment: Industrial (trade) (import)Refrigeration Units: Industrial (trade) (import)Spare Parts for Industrial Compressors (trade) (import)Spare Parts for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment (trade)Spare Parts for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment (trade) (import)Spare Parts for Refrigeration Equipment Electronic Control Systems (trade)Spare Parts, Accessories for Pumps (trade)


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