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ROOT ITSP Limited Liability Company

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Importation of networking and telecommunications equipmentIT COMPANIESTELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIESCABLES, WIRES (IMPORTERS)COMPUTER NETWORK EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)Consulting: Computers and Computer CommunicationsConsulting: Design of Computer NetworksConsulting: Information Technologies (IT)Air Conditioning Systems for Server (Network) Cabinets (trade) (import)Air Conditioning Systems for Server (Network) Rooms (trade) (import)Cabinets: Network (trade) (import)Cable Accessories (trade) (import)Cable Ducts (trade) (import)Cable Laying Systems: Underfloor (trade) (import)Cables (trade) (import)Cables: Fiber-Optic (trade) (import)Cables: Telecommunications (trade) (import)Computer Network Equipment (trade) (import)Computer Network Installation Tools (trade) (import)Computer Network Management Systems (trade) (import)Computer Network Testing Tools (trade) (import)Connectors: Demountable, for Copper Cables (trade) (import)Connectors: Demountable, for Fiber-Optic Cables (trade) (import)Cooling Systems for Server (Network) Cabinets (trade) (import)Cooling Systems for Server (Network) Rooms (trade) (import)Cords: Patch, Fiber-Optic (trade) (import)Data Storage Systems (trade) (import)Electrical Equipment (trade) (import)Fasteners: Metal (trade) (import)Fasteners and Fixing Devices (trade) (import)Fire Protection Systems (trade) (import)Lightning Protection Systems (trade) (import)Network Management and Control Systems (trade) (import)Overvoltage Protection Systems (trade) (import)Routers: Cable (trade) (import)Socket Outlets for Computer Networks (trade) (import)Socket Outlets for Telecommunications Systems (trade) (import)Switch/Patch Panels (trade) (import)Switchboards (trade) (import)Switches (trade) (import)Telecommunications Equipment (trade) (import)Telecommunications Network Installation Tools (trade) (import)Telecommunications Network Testing Tools (trade) (import)Trays: Cable (trade) (import)Trunkings: Cable (trade) (import)Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) (trade)Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) (trade) (import)Wiring Accessories (Electrical Connectors/Detachable Joints) (trade) (import)


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