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HENRI RADIO Limited Liability Company

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Security systems, radio equipment. CertificationSECURITY SYSTEMS (IMPORTERS)TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT (IMPORTERS)Installation Services: Radio EquipmentInstallation Services: Radio Relay LinesConsulting: Operation of Radio EquipmentConsulting: Operation of Radio-Telephone Communication EquipmentCertification of Communication FacilitiesCertification of Radioelectronic EquipmentInstallation Services: Burglar AlarmsInstallation Services: Doorphones/IntercomsInstallation Services: Fire AlarmsInstallation Services: Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)Antennas: Transmitting (trade) (import)Burglar Alarms (trade) (import)Burglar Alarms for Motor Vehicles (trade) (import)Digital Radio Relay Systems (trade)Doorphones/Intercoms (trade)Doorphones/Intercoms (trade) (import)Fire Alarms (trade) (import)Global Positioning Systems (GPS) (trade)GSM Repeaters (trade)GSM Repeaters (trade) (import)PBX (trade) (import)Radio Stations (trade)Radio Stations (trade) (import)Radio Stations: Portable (trade)Radio Stations: Portable (trade) (import)Radio Systems, Radio Equipment (trade) (import)Radio-Telephone Communication Equipment (trade) (import)Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) (trade)Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) (trade) (import)Wave Analyzers: Electronic (trade)


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