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Our company has been producing paper carrier bags for more than a decade in Lebanon. With our thorough knowledge of raw

materials and exquisite experience with modern technologies, we are able to offer new solutions and customized high-quality
products which satisfy our customers’ needs and desires significantly. The combination of creativity, excellence and knowledge
has created a perfect fusion that allows Bag-It to become one of the leading paper-bag manufacturers in the Middle East area
and Asia as well, also aiming to broaden our reach globally, and emerging within new markets internationally.

BAG-IT S.A.L. provides its clients with high-quality, but meanwhile, environmentally friendly products, to comfort and support
personal, as well as public concerns. Our organization maintains and offers these eco-friendly products through the help of its
qualified and responsible personnel and the use of updated flexographic machines that use water-based inks and completely
recyclable materials e.g. paper.

We believe that printing is an art and an essential mean of communication that reaches out to a huge crowd directly and indirectly.
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