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Sinokor Merchant Marine Co, Ltd inaugurated the first container liner service between the two countries three years before Korea and China established diplomatic relations in 1989. In the same year Sinokor made registration of Hong Kong company "Sinokor Company Ltd." and was approved nonstop shipments of containers between Korean and China.

The first direct calling service between Ulsan and Kwangyang in Korea and Chinese ports in 1998 decreased logistics costs for Korea's main chemical import and export products, and established a new route for the export of customer cargo, with decreased delivery times.

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  • 16-Apr-2024 TW*U**61599
  • 16-Apr-2024 SK*U**05708
  • 16-Apr-2024 SK*U**05708
  • 15-Apr-2024 TE*U**23344
  • 15-Apr-2024 TE*U**23344
  • 06-Apr-2024 AS*U**13782
  • 04-Apr-2024 SK*U**37912
  • 04-Apr-2024 SK*U**37912
  • 16-Mar-2024 HA*U**32290
  • 15-Mar-2024 SK*U**00309

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